What if there were a smarter, more worry-free way you could pay for college - AND get more financial aid?

College funding is full of pitfalls - you need every advantage you can get...

For most families, the task of paying for a child’s education is not only more and more daunting, but also full of uncertainty.  Parents can’t know how much it will cost, how much of the cost they will be responsible for, or if their child will ultimately attend college at all.

Parents and grandparents struggle to save incredibly large sums in the short time between birth and enrollment, all the while hoping to avoid market losses that could destroy their savings just before they are needed.  With traditional plans, savers face taxes and penalties if they don’t spend the money on allowed expenses, or if their child doesn’t attend a qualifying institution.  Worst of all, hard-earned savings in 529 plans, and other investment accounts, can hurt your child by reducing eligibility for financial aid.

With complex rules and so many unknowns, everyday Americans can find themselves overcome with doubt and looking for a better, more flexible way.

How we can help you, right now:

We help qualified clients create tax-free college savings that can be used for ANY purchase or expense – without IRS penalty.  Parents and students have the flexibility to spend the money how and where they choose.  We remove the risk of market losses when saving AND spending the money. And we teach parents and grandparents how to create savings that won’t hurt their child’s eligibility for financial aid.

Savers and students maintain complete control.  We can help your child use these dollars not only for college, but also for a down payment on their first home, or to supercharge their future retirement savings.

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