The happiest retirees don't worry about outliving their money.
Will YOU be happy in retirement?

Are you planning on retirement in the next five years?

Up till now you have probably been focused on growing your assets.  But assets don’t make retirees happy – paychecks do.  Chances are the happiest people you know are those who retire with pensions.  They don’t have to worry about where their next paycheck will come from.

Assets, on the other hand, can make retirees miserable.  They can be lost to markets, inflation or changing tax rates.  Assets can be sued away, squandered, or devastated by a long-term care event.

Many withdraw too much from investments, running the risk that they run out of money before death.  Others, who fear running out of money, constantly shortchange their retirement by spending too little.  Retirees don’t want to withdraw investments in bear markets for fear of realizing losses.  And they don’t want to withdraw investments in bull markets for fear of missing out on new gains.  Without knowing where their next paycheck will come from, everyday Americans can find it hard to retire happy – even those with significant assets.

How we can help you, right now:

Retirees face risks to their assets that are entirely new and different from the ones faced during their working years.  We help clients understand these new risks, and where desired, reduce or eliminate them entirely.

More than managing assets, we help retirees create income streams that cannot be outlived.  Our qualified clients know not only where their paychecks will come from, but also that their paychecks will come for a lifetime.

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