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How We Put Our HEART™ to Work for You

Everything we do to help our clients is built on our 5-Step HEART Process:



The first and most important step. We ask questions and listen intently to understand where your heart is. We want to understand what is most important to you, and what problems or worries we can help alleviate.


We help you organize your finances. We use simple online forms and secure document uploading to make this step quick and easy for you. You’ll  it!


We not only share our experience and advice, but also work with you to co-design and update your plan with the solutions of your choice. Advisor and client – both can put their hearts into a plan made just for you.


After designing your plan, we can help you make it a reality. Whether investments, insurance, or legal services, our team can provide the independent and transparent solutions needed to implement your plan. We can do it for you, or you can choose to implement your plan yourself – whatever your heart desires.


True (verb): to balance, align, or adjust

We’ll update your plan and portfolio as needed, so you can follow your heart while your plan remains true to the course.

Child From Texas Children's Hospital | Mundorf Wealth Management | San Antonio TX


Mundorf Wealth Management donates ten percent of every financial planning fee to the Texas Children’s Hospital Heart Center for a critical reason: the work of these dedicated medical professionals impacts our lives every day.

Duke Mundorf was born with multiple heart defects that threatened to end his life before it began.  For almost five months the Mundorfs spent their days at the TCH Heart Center where Duke underwent multiple surgeries.  During this time, they were humbled to meet many families living through circumstances far more difficult than their own.  They were also blessed to witness and receive a miracle.  Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the TCH doctors, surgeons, and nurses, Duke is now a happy and thriving boy.

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