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Do you have questions?

You’re not alone.

Finance can be confusing.

This list of frequently asked questions can help you find some answers.

Still have questions? Feel free to send a text. It’s pain free, and we are excited to talk with you - whenever you need.

Are you accepting new clients?

We consider new clients who meet four conditions:

  1. Good Chemistry

    We thoroughly enjoy our clients and count many as personal friends. We are committed to making sure we share good chemistry with a new client.

  2. Workable Plan

    We want to make sure your objectives and goals are achievable. If we don’t feel your goals are achievable, we can help you adjust them. If we can’t agree on realistic goals, we’d rather not help you fail.

  3. Account Minimum

    We require an account minimum for investment advisory clients.

  4. Added Value

    We have got to be able to add value to what you are currently doing. If we can’t add value, there is no reason for you to make any changes.

Do you serve clients outside the New Braunfels area?

Yes. We maintain a local office in New Braunfels Texas, but we serve clients from across Texas, and across the nation.

What is your account minimum?

For investment advisory clients we require an account minimum of $100,000. There are no minimum account requirements for financial planning, estate planning or insurance solutions.

How do I know my money is safe?

Your funds are always held at third party custodians. You’ll receive online access and regular statements from the custodian so that you can verify your account details at any time. Your advisor never takes custody of your funds.

What is a Custodian?

A custodian is a financial institution, like a bank or brokerage firm, that holds financial assets on your behalf. Our client investment accounts are held at TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, or Fidelity, and are insured by The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

What is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)?

An RIA is a company, registered with the SEC or state regulators, to provide investment advice. The investment advisory services we provide clients must be offered through an RIA. We choose to partner with Brookstone Capital Management as our firm’s Registered Investment Advisor.

Who is Brookstone Capital Management?

We partner with Brookstone Capital Management as our firm’s Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Our clients have access to the Brookstone investment platform and strategies, which are designed to help maximize client returns and while minimizing risk. With more than $8 Billion in managed assets, Brookstone’s experienced investment committee provides the intelligence, research, and due diligence behind our client portfolios.

What is your Investment Philosophy?

Big losses kill compounding. We believe it is critical to defend against large investment drawdowns.

We construct portfolios using multiple risk-managed strategies. We utilize strategies that emphasize low correlation to broader, more volatile market activity. While each of our strategies has its own methodology, one of our primary goals is to limit large investment drawdowns. We believe this approach gives investors the opportunity to experience better results through stronger compounding. And we think it reflects what many of today’s investors are seeking—a steady and incremental approach to generating returns regardless of market conditions.

Are there any commissions, trading fees, or transaction costs?

No. Our investment advisory clients pay an $8 monthly account fee and a simple annual advisory fee as a percentage of investments under management. There are no commissions, no trading fees, and no transaction costs.

What is included in my advisory fee?

As a client you enjoy access to institutional investments not offered to individual investors, and access to models guided by the oversight of a seasoned professional investment committee. You also enjoy access to the guidance of a personal advisor, answers to your questions, regular client reviews and annual updates to your financial plan. All this, and more, is included in our fee.

What if I’m nervous about the stock market?

We offer conservative clients solutions designed to preserve, or if desired, guarantee your account balance. It’s important to understand that cash is not the only way to protect your savings, and stocks are not the only way to invest your savings.

I’m interested in trading stocks. Can you help?

We offer individual stock strategies that are appropriate for long-term investors. However, markets are unpredictable, especially in the short-term. Therefore, we seek to avoid short-term speculation and market timing. Clients interested in speculation and timing stocks will not be a good fit for our firm.

What is the RICP® designation?

Dustin Mundorf maintains a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®) designation. The RICP® is a specialty designation for advisors who focus on retirement income planning. While many financial professionals focus on helping individuals accumulate assets for retirement, an RICP® is uniquely qualified to help retirees and near-retirees create workable plans to use their savings for comfortable and lasting income in retirement. The RICP® designation is awarded to professionals who meet the experience and course requirements of The American College of Financial Services.

Can we meet remotely?

Yes. We hold client meetings both remotely, and in person at our New Braunfels office.

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