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Risk Management Solutions

Couple With Financial Advisor | Mundorf Wealth Management | San Antonio TX

Experienced Risk Management

Our purpose is to help you protect your family’s financial security. That is why we remind clients that life insurance is not limited to simply paying for a funeral or mortgage after you pass. Surprisingly, life insurance products can be used to:

  • Guarantee income for your lifetime
  • Transfer a tax-free estate to your heirs
  • Help pay for your long-term care expenses 
  • Provide a source of collateral to finance major purchases and investments
  • Even provide collateral to finance the purchase of a policy itself 

We have a deep understanding of how insurance solutions can be used purposefully. Our mission is to discover the right purpose for you. Then, we can not only help you manage multiple risks, but also capture opportunities most clients never consider.

Retired Couple Enjoying the Lake | Mundorf Wealth Management | San Antonio TX

Independence Matters

Dustin Mundorf has been helping clients find insurance solutions for more than twenty years. In that time, one specific client stands out. Dustin once sold a Life Insurance policy to a man who also sold Life Insurance. Why? The man didn’t want to choose from the products he sold others. That’s because he represented one (and only one) insurance company. He was not able to offer a wide choice of solutions to his clients – or even to his own family.

We use this as an example because it illustrates the difference between offering a product – and offering a solution. We refuse to conform to the ideology that “products” come before people. That is why we take pride in our independence. Our clients work with agents who have the ability to offer solutions from virtually any carrier. Since we are not beholden to a single insurer, we have the freedom to find the solutions that work best for you.

Risk Management Solutions

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