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Financial Planning with HEART™

Financial Planning = Lifestyle Planning

Financial planning isn’t just about safeguarding your money. It’s about safeguarding your lifestyle. After all, a financial plan is a plan to preserve and protect your lifestyle and the lifestyles of those you love. A good plan should offer you clarity and reassurance. With a sound plan, you can be sure that your family’s lifestyle is secure, both now and in the future.

 Achieve the clarity and reassurance you are looking for.

Your HEART™ based Financial Plan is easily updated year after year to match with your always-evolving needs and goals. Your plan is designed to address your specific concerns by providing easy-to-understand answers to some of your most important financial questions, including:

  • When can I retire without running out of money?
  • Can I continue my present lifestyle in retirement?
  • Will my savings be enough to travel in retirement?
  • How does taking Social Security at different ages affect my plan?
  • Can I reduce or eliminate taxes on my Social Security benefits?
  • Does my mortgage play a big part in my retirement picture?
  • How is my family financially affected if I die prematurely or need long-term care?

Financial Planning For Today & Tomorrow | Mundorf Wealth Management | San Antonio TX

A Sound Plan Must Balance Two Lifestyles

Financial planning is ultimately a balancing act between today and tomorrow. Living for today while planning for tomorrow – whatever tomorrow may look like.

You have three choices

(and you won’t like two)

Surprisingly, there are just three ways you can improve your lifestyle balance:


First, you can attempt to boost your savings and your lifestyle by achieving higher investment returns. But achieving those higher returns isn’t guaranteed and usually means taking on additional risk.


Second, you can reduce your lifestyle to shore up your savings. This might mean reducing your current lifestyle to save more for retirement. Or it might mean reducing your lifestyle in retirement so that your savings will last.


For many people, taking on more risk or living on less are the last two things they want. That leaves the third approach – become more efficient. 

We help clients do this by identifying and helping eliminate the common financial mistakes that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes, expenses, and opportunity costs.  By avoiding the lost wealth resulting from common financial mistakes we can often help you bolster your plan and your retirement savings without additional risk, and without reducing your lifestyle.

Your Questions Answered at a Surprisingly Affordable Price

Financial planning with HEART™ is crafted for you at a flat fee of only $1,500. You receive everything you need to decide to implement the plan yourself, or to leave it in our trusted hands. If you choose to become a qualified client of the firm, updates to your financial plan are provided at no additional fee and are considered a client service as part of your investment advisory fee.

Estate planning, or financial plans requiring inordinately complex/lengthy preparation may be subject to additional fees disclosed in advance.

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