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See What Our Clients Are Saying

I was blessed to work with Dustin, and you will be too.  I did not understand how my investments worked.  Dustin Mundorf was able to show me how much risk I was exposed to, and he was also able to point out some unnecessary expenses I was paying.  Dustin listens carefully to your thoughts and speaks in plain English.  He answered my questions and helped me make informed decisions.  I know Bum would be proud of the decisions I have made with Dustin’s help.

- Debbie (Mrs. Bum) Phillips

Non client - Previously Provided Advice

Dustin opened my eyes on a whole new way of monitoring and growing my family's wealth. If you have not made plans to set up a meeting you are missing out!

- Blake Dornburg, Current Client

Assistance with investment in our family trust has been extremely valuable to my sisters and I. Dustin has helped us to maximize our investment income.

- Karen Schwind, Current Client

I managed my own retirement accounts for years and now needed to focus my attention on starting a new business. Letting someone in to help with my retirement funds was difficult for me having been in control for so long. Dustin offered that help, to include savings and insurance options, without being pushy or demanding. He told me what he could do for me and let me take the next steps at my own pace and on my own time. It has proven to be a positive experience and I should have done it sooner. I introduced Dustin to other members of my family and he was able to help them. I trust Dustin and the work he does. If you are looking for someone to help you out, I would let Dustin show you what he can do for you. It worked out great for me and my family.

- Gary Freeland, Current Client

Since we started with Mundorf 3 years ago, we have grown exponentially in our ability to manage our money and have become small business owners! We are forever grateful for the financial education and constant support and direction we receive from Dustin. If you are looking for a financial advisor who can stretch your dollars and cares about you, check them out.

- Jacob Hixon, Current Client

At 15 years of marriage and as much time in my career-I had no real path for a comfortable retirement. Working with Mundorf Wealth Management has changed that by evaluating our financial priorities, helping us set goals and most importantly helping us to achieve those goals by making educated and timed decisions, understanding the markets and instruments we are using to invest our savings, and by having a friendly and trustworthy partner in the effort. I highly recommend Dustin Mundorf and his company, Mundorf Wealth Management, to help guide you, your family, and your business to a more promising future and retirement!

- Jeff Jambers, Current Client

I recommend Dustin because he truly cares about the well-being of others along with their future financial needs and opportunities.

- Mark Kershner, Current Client

The prompt response times, the knowledgeable advice, and overall help with our financial future have been all characteristics of what we have experienced with Mundorf WM. We appreciate all the help and recommend anyone to use Mundorf WM for their future retirement plans. Thanks again!

- Stacey Clements, Current Client

Dustin listened to our needs, helped set end goals, and analyzed where we stood at the present time. He used this information and came up with different options based on the risk level we were willing to take, and then helped guide us to products that would best fit our needs. Dustin is always available to answer questions, and provides an annual in depth review of where we stand with our investments and how they will play into our retirement plans. We are very happy with the services and products we have received with Mundorf Wealth Management and recommend them to anyone who wants to position themselves for a stronger retirement.

- Bob Cardy, Current Client

Dustin made my husband and I feel comfortable and didn’t make us feel dumb because we are not knowledgeable about investments. We feel like he has our best interest at heart and trust him completely.

- Brian and Melanie Ohlenbusch, Current Client

I was hit unexpectedly with a chronic medical condition that resulted in an early disability retirement. I was not prepared. We had briefly met Dustin a few years earlier and called him up and he remembered us! He has helped us get more organized and now I am not worrying as much as I was before. I personally love working with someone that knows my name, answers my calls, and texts and is understanding of our particular situation.

- Nelwyn and Keith Robinson, Current Client

My wife and I have been working with Dustin for several years . He has been our guiding force in money management, retirement planning, and insurance. He is very good at explaining what we consider to be complicated issues and we have always felt comfortable and confident with his advice. I recommend Dustin Mundorf Wealth Management without reservations.

- C. Faires, Current Client

At the time I joined Mundorf Wealth Management, I was concerned about how to best provide for my spouse if I should die before him. Dustin Mundorf was professional and compassionate in the conversations with me regarding this situation and offered various options from which to choose. He truly listened to my current situation, reviewed my financial situation, and shared options that would provide for my spouse as well as me if I outlived him. And he incorporated a plan that would address any long-term care I might need in the future. I truly trust Dustin Mundorf to be open, honest, and educated in financial planning and am so glad I met him and that he manages our financial planning.

- L. K. Gruwell, Current Client

Mundorf Wealth Management is a wonderful company to do business with! Dustin is very personable and professional, keeping the needs of the customer as his focus. My wife and I discovered MWM by attending a seminar on how Social Security Benefits are affected by working in the school district. Dustin was so nice we decided to have him help us with our assets. Without hesitation, I recommend MWM.

- Mark House, Current Client

Dustin has been immensely helpful guiding me with my financial investments. He carefully listens and then provides the best products for my wants and needs. I feel very comfortable with him.

- Leslie Meek, Current Client

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