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3 Retirement Risks that Could Cause You to Run out of Money Thumbnail

3 Retirement Risks that Could Cause You to Run out of Money

For most retirees, their biggest fear is running out of money. You want your #retirement to be a fitting reward to a lifetime of hard work. But it's hard to know exactly how much money you'll need to achieve your unique retirement goals, without sacrificing your quality of life. In this video, Dustin with Mundorf Wealth Management and Erin Kennedy break down the three biggest risks to your retirement nest egg: 

  1. Longevity Risk: Today, a couple at age 65 has a 50% chance of living beyond 90!
  2. Changes to Social Security: A holistic financial plan can help account for future changes to Social Security.
  3. Inflation: high #inflation means you'll have to use more of your retirement savings each year to maintain your same quality of life.

Designing a holistic and proactive retirement plan that addresses these risks is key to maintaining your quality of life, no matter what. If you'd like to talk through your plan and whether your income streams are sustainable, please feel free to reach out to Dustin by calling or texting @ or by booking a free chat at www.LongLiveMyMoney.com

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