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5 Quick Tips for Young Investors Thumbnail

5 Quick Tips for Young Investors

There are many reasons people put off saving for retirement; it's hard to imagine your life 40 or 50 years into the future. But there are also many reasons to start saving as soon as possible. So what are the five steps young investors can take today?

Dustin at Mundorf Wealth Management breaks it down with Erin Kennedy:

1. Pay Yourself First

2. Protect Your Largest Asset

3. Open a Roth

4. Take Advantage of 401(k) Match

5. FUND Your Future Lifestyle & FINANCE Your Current Lifestyle

Compound interest is a powerful force, but it takes a long time to work.  The sooner you start saving, the sooner you can reap the long-term rewards – and the bigger those rewards will be. 

Please share this video with your adult children or other young people who need to see it.

And, if you'd like to talk about your investing strategy, or if you're trying to make up for lost time, please feel free to reach out to Dustin.  Just text or call the number on the website, or book a free chat by visiting www.LongLiveMyMoney.com

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