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A Smart Alternative to Cash Thumbnail

A Smart Alternative to Cash

If you're a saver and have "lazy money" lying around, it's time to consider principal-protected ways to put that money to work! A lot of people think keeping their money in #cash is a "safe" option, but during periods of high #inflation, your money is losing purchasing power every day.

Maybe market volatility has made you risk averse; that's completely understandable!  But there are other strategies, specifically Principal Protected Structured Notes, which as Dustin Mundorf explains to Erin Kennedy, can yield a higher return than cash, but aren't as risky as equities.

Structured Notes haven't been widely known or widely available to individual investors. But now is a great time to consider this solution.  If you'd like to learn how Principal Protected Notes can help protect your portfolio, please reach out to Dustin at Mundorf at Mundorf Wealth Management by calling or texting 830-476-2505 or by visiting www.LongLiveMyMoney.com. 

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