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Designing a Risk-Managed Portfolio Thumbnail

Designing a Risk-Managed Portfolio

How do you manage investment risk while keeping pace with inflation? Designing an institutional quality portfolio that addresses your unique goals and concerns is a very detailed and individualized process. MundorfWealthManagement works with a team of investment experts at BrookstoneCapitalManagement to design and implement infinitely customizable, Risk-Managed portfolios. Brookstone's investment team oversees the investment of $8 Billion in client assets, which allows clients at Mundorf Wealth Management to access advanced investment opportunities that aren't available to individual investors.

In this video with Mark DiOrio, Chief Investment Officer at Brookstone Capital Management, we take a closer look at how we build each portfolio, and we explain why advanced strategy diversification is so important.

As always, if you have questions about your financial plan or portfolio, or if you want to learn how our Risk Managed approach can help you address both volatility and inflation, call or text Dustin, or book a free chat by visiting www.LongLiveMyMoney.com. 

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