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How Mundorf Wealth Management is Putting You First, with HEART Thumbnail

How Mundorf Wealth Management is Putting You First, with HEART

Our HEART process was inspired by Duke Mundorf, who was born with multiple heart defects that threatened to end his life before it began. For almost five months, the Mundorf family spent their days at the Texas Children's Hospital Heart Center where Duke underwent multiple surgeries. They were blessed to witness and receive a miracle. Duke is now a happy and thriving boy.

Inspired by Duke, and by the team at TCH, we developed the HEART process, which is designed to put clients first by following these 5 steps: Hear, Evaluate, Advise (and Co-Design), Realize, and True. These steps ensure that we are helping you and your family reach and achieve your unique financial goals and priorities.

To learn more about the HEART process and how Mundorf Wealth Management is committed to giving back to the Heart Center at TCH, please check out this video.

And if you have questions about our process, please feel free to call or text 830-476-2505, or visit our website: www.LongLiveMyMoney.com.

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