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Stop Using the S&P as a Benchmark Thumbnail

Stop Using the S&P as a Benchmark

When we hear about the markets, it's often about how the S&P 500 is performing. And the S&P has been on a rally lately, which is why some of us look at our portfolio and wonder why it's not up the same amount. In this video, Dustin with Mundorf Wealth Management and Erin Kennedy break down why you don't necessarily want to see huge swings in your portfolio (up or down), because that volatility might not be in line with your risk tolerance.  

Of course, we know that diversification is important when it comes to long-term financial success, but market history has proved that a well-diversified portfolio will almost certainly underperform broad markets and most individual asset classes in the short-term.  

At Mundorf Wealth Management, we always take the long view when it comes to your financial success. And it all starts with a holistic financial plan that takes your unique goals and risk tolerance into account. When you have a financial plan, you're more likely to stick to it, instead of making costly, knee-jerk decisions in response to short-term movements in the market.

To create your unique financial plan, call or text the number on our website, or book a free chat with Dustin by visiting www.LongLiveMyMoney.com

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