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Who does Mundorf Wealth Management work with?

We welcome client referrals from all walks of life, but we specialize in helping:

Retirees & Pre-Retirees: Texans who want to eliminate the fear and uncertainty surrounding their retirement. More than managing assets, we also help qualified retirees eliminate risks and create income streams that cannot be outlived.

Educator Families: Educators (and their families) who want to get the most from their TRS, Social Security and spousal benefits. We help educators who want to maintain their lifestyles into retirement, without running out of money. 

College Savers: Parents and grandparents who want to help fund their child's education, or otherwise save for their child's future. Our strategies are best suited for children ages 12 and under.

What solutions does Mundorf Wealth Management offer?

Rather than provide a list of generic services, Mundorf Wealth Management prefers to think differently. We provide (or recommend partners who can provide) the appropriate solutions for our clients, such as IRA and Roth plans, 401(k) Rollovers or estate planning. Our solutions are as different as our clients.

What REALLY matters to Dustin Mundorf and his team?

Most individuals and families live with great financial pressure. Traditional financial advice tends to box people in. We believe the only way to break out of this box and relieve the pressure that comes with it – is to challenge the conventional wisdom.

We believe you shouldn’t have to:

- Lock up most of your money during your working years
- Put off living until some distant future date
- Choose between planning for tomorrow OR living for today
- Save money for your child without being able to spend it as you wish
- Save for college – just to hurt your child’s financial aid eligibility
- Constantly tighten your belt to grow your wealth
- Constantly take on more risk to grow your wealth

Most Americans lose more money to taxation, non-deductible interest, and opportunity cost, than they ever accumulate. This money is often lost
unknowingly and unnecessarily. We believe there is more opportunity in avoiding these losses than there is in trying to pick winners.

Who do we BEST serve?

To be frank, we are not a good fit for every Texan. We best serve those who have goals and core beliefs that closely align with our own, such as a strong conviction to one's faith.  The clients who most enjoy their experience with us have some concerns or worries about their finances. They have a problem that needs solving.

Maybe the problem is a need to further fund retirement or a child’s education. Maybe it’s a desire to protect assets from market losses or a long-term care event. Or maybe it’s the need for a reliable income, investment advice, or a secure inheritance for the next generation. Regardless, our long-term clients want solid advice and guidance across their finances from a trusted advisor.

How do we get compensated?

We provide fee-based investment advice. Our clients pay an annual fee as a percentage of investments under management. Fees are withheld from client accounts on a monthly basis. Unlike some brokers, we receive no compensation from the fund managers or investment products used in our client portfolios. This ensures transparency and helps avoid conflicts of interest in our investment recommendations.

We also provide insurance and annuity solutions. Our agents are compensated for these products and services with commissions or fees paid by the carrier issuing the policy.

Detailed financial plans or estate planning services are available at an hourly or package rate, disclosed in advance of services.

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