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Educational Videos

Silicon Vally Bank and The Markets  Thumbnail

Silicon Vally Bank and The Markets

The Fed has been working quickly to stem a US banking crisis following the rapid collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the 16th largest bank in the country. We are working closely with our team of investment experts at Brookstone Capital Management, specifically with CIO, Mark DiOrio who wants to remind clients that "client accounts are held in a segregated account and are safe."

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3 #RMD Changes for #2023 Thumbnail

3 #RMD Changes for #2023

It's a bit tough to keep up with all the rule changes made to Required Minimum Distributions, or RMDs, since the original SECURE Act was passed in 2019. However, there are 3 significant changes that went into effect January 1st of 2023. Dustin Mundorf, with Mundorf Wealth Management, and Erin Kennedy lay out and explain each change.

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A Smart Alternative to Cash Thumbnail

A Smart Alternative to Cash

If you're a saver and have "lazy money" lying around, it's time to consider principal-protected ways to put that money to work! Principal Protected Structured Notes, as Dustin Mundorf explains to Erin Kennedy, can yield a higher return than cash, but aren't as risky as equities.

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A Smart Alternative to Stocks and Bonds Thumbnail

A Smart Alternative to Stocks and Bonds

2022 was a tough year for investors, and a lot of us may not realize there are strategies that a lot of the pros utilize, which are great complements to traditional stocks and bonds. We know the Fed will continue to raise rates in 2023, affecting the value of bonds. Now is a great time to consider complementing your portfolio with Structured Notes that can create income.

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